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The Future of Conveyancing

Electronic settlements through Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), Australia’s online property exchange network, are transforming the property industry in Australia, making property settlements faster, safer and more efficient.

Registration of Commercial Leases in Queensland

The registration of commercial leases is handled differently in each state and territory in Australia. In Queensland, a long-term commercial lease must be registered to protect a tenant’s proprietary interests.


If you die without a valid will, it means you have died intestate. When this happens, the intestacy laws of the state where you live will determine how your property is distributed upon your death according to the intestacy rules.

Upcoming Changes to the Queensland Construction Industry

The commencement of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) 2017 (Qld) will see a massive overhaul of the Queensland building and construction industry with significant changes to the security of payment regime in particular.

Bankruptcy update: The Court’s power to go behind a Judgment

In a landmark decision Ramsay Health Care Australia v Compton, the High Court found that a bankruptcy notice founded on a judgment debt can be challenged and that the Court can use its discretion to “go behind” a judgment that is relied upon in a bankruptcy notice to determine whether the debt is truly owing.

New laws target misuse of market power

Two significant legislative amendments to Australian competition law have passed Parliament following recommendations from the 2015 Harper Competition Policy Review.