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To Park or not to Park: The Towing Industry in Queensland

In May 2017, the Queensland Government announced a three-month inquiry into the towing industry and the removal of parked vehicles from publicly accessible private carparks and private roads that are not currently covered by the existing legislation. This article outlines the law as it currently stands in Queensland.

Differences between the Queensland and NSW conveyancing process

While buying and selling property across Australia generally follows the same process, there are some substantial differences in the conveyancing process in Queensland and New South Wales that buyers and sellers should be aware of when transferring ownership of property in either state.

Common Conveyancing Pitfalls in Queensland

The conveyancing process is complex and involves a number of pitfalls that buyers and sellers can easily fall prey to if they are not familiar with buying and selling property in Queensland. Let DSS Law help guide you through the process from preparing contracts and documents to advising you on the legal implications and risks involved.

Differences between Arbitration and Conciliation

There are various legal methods to resolving disputes that parties can access before resorting to litigation. Arbitration and conciliation are two alternative dispute resolution processes that can help resolve disputes without the involvement of a court or tribunal.

Have you planned for the new Queensland Planning Act 2016?

The new Planning Act 2016 comes into effect on 3 July 2017 and establishes a new planning framework and overarching policy for land use planning within Queensland. Understand how the new legislation changes the current planning system and how it will impact development outcomes throughout the state.

What happens to your superannuation fund when you die?

Your superannuation fund is often one of your largest assets. Therefore, it is important to understand what happens to your superannuation benefits when you die and how you can ensure that it is dealt with in accordance with your wishes in the event of your death.